Show-Me Rockhounds is a non-profit organization affiliated with the Association of Earth Science Clubs of Greater Kansas City, Inc., and the Midwest Federation of Mineralogical Societies. Our purpose is to further the study and awareness of the earth sciences amongst our membership and the public. Monthly club meetings are held on the third Saturday of every month (except December) at 11:00 am in various places*. We’d love to see you at our next meeting! Anyone is welcome at a meeting, it is not necessary to join.

*Due to how large the club has grown lately, we have been meeting in different places so watch the newsletter to find where the meeting place will be each month.

The Association of Earth Science Clubs of Kansas CityThe Midwest Federation of Mineralogical & Geological Societies


  • Acting President: Martin Mueller
  • Vice President: Available
  • VP of Field Trips: Robert Head
  • Treasurer: Sharon Penner
  • Newsletter: Valerie J. Meyers
  • Web Page: Available
  • Facebook page: Josh Behringer


  1. I like how you hold meetings on a Saturday morning! By doing that, I would assume you are able to have more children attend? Also having the meetings held in the library does open the membership to the public. Well done!


  2. Is there a meeting for Jan.2019 or Feb 2019 your last post shows a Nov 2018 meeting. We are in Cameron Mo. but would love to join you as there is no rock club out here.


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