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Our other website. We also send meeting reminders and party invitations through this platform.

IGAMS (Independence Gem and Mineral Society)
Many Show-Me Rockhounds members are also members of IGAMS. Unfortunately IGAMS no longer has a website.

Other clubs More rock and mineral clubs in Kansas City

The Greater Saint Louis Association of Earth Science Clubs Among other things, there is information about clubs in St. Louis, including the St. Louis Mineral & Gem Society (meets at Wash U), Rock Hobby Club of Greater Saint Louis, Eastern Missouri Society for Paleontology (meets at Wash U), Mineral Area Gem & Mineral Society (Park Hills/Farmington, MO), Rockwood Gem & Mineral Society (Ellisville, MO; near Chesterfield), and the Show Me Gems & Mineral Club (St. Peters/O’Fallon, MO).

Richard L. Sutton, Jr., M.D. Museum of Geosciences
Geology museum in UMKC (the campus on Rockhill Rd). Here are some photos of the best specimens at the Sutton Museum from our field trip.
Science City in Union Station (Kansas City, MO)
Dinosaurs! There are also rocks, salt lamps, books about rocks, etc. in the gift shop. Great for kids.
Everett J. Ritchie Tri-State Mineral Museum in Joplin, MO
Lots of galena in Schifferdecker Park.
Biodiversity Institute & Natural History Museum
Museum at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS. We went on a field trip there.
Sternberg Museum of Natural History in Hays, KS
A museum in Fort Hays State University.

Great Pictures of Minerals
Mindat Everything you could ever want to know about minerals, with millions of gorgeous photos. More great pictures and information about minerals.
Smithsonian Mineral Gallery Great pictures and nicely cited sources.
Bob’s Fluorite Gallery Photos of fluorite, not for sale.
The Sunnywood Collection Expensive* minerals for sale, pretty pictures.
IRocks/The Arkenstone Expensive minerals for sale and pretty pictures.

Information for Kids and/or Beginners

A Career in Geology-        Thanks to Kelly and Anna
HomeAdvisor Rock Collecting a great introduction to rock collecting
GeoKansas Kansas fossils, good site for kids.
Rocks for Kids Lots of information about geology for kids. It’s written by a Canadian organization (CCFMS) but the information is relevant to everywhere.

Fossil Plants Amazing pictures of fossil leaves, plants, ferns, petrified wood, and more. Also detailed information on the type of plants and where they came from. You can even buy them.
Oceans of Kansas Paleontology and fossils of Kansas, but not dinosaurs.
Winds of Kansas Fossil insects (paleoentomology) from Kansas and Oklahoma.
GeoKansas Kansas fossils, good site for kids.

State Symbols
U.S. State Fossils
U.S. State Minerals, Rocks, Stones, and Gemstones
See also our coverage of state symbols, mostly about Missouri and Kansas.

Sites about Agates
Agate Lady
Agates With Inclusions
Agate Almanac Click on any country in the list on the left and there are photos of agates found there.

Recommended Books about Rocks/Geology
Rocks and Fossils of the Central United States with Special Emphasis on the Greater Kansas City Area by Richard Gentile. Where to find everything in Kansas City. You can’t get it from Amazon, but you can get it from us. Review here
Gemstones of North America by John Sinkakis. There are photos and information on over 500 different gemstones and where to find them. We still have a few copies for sale, or you can find it on Amazon.
Geologic Field Trips in the Greater Kansas City Area (Special Publication #11) by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Paleozoic Succession in Missouri Part 4: Mississippian System and Part 5 Pennsylvanian System by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Recommended Books for Kids
Rock and Gem: The definitive guide to rocks, minerals, gems, and fossils pub. by Dorling Kindersley. Lots of pretty photos and can also be used as a coffee table book.
National Geographic Readers: Rocks and Minerals by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld. For very young kids. Find it on Amazon.
Missouri Rocks and Minerals: Fun Facts and Games by Judy Oetting (IGAMS member) An activity book for young children. ISBN-10: 1892920247 (Don’t buy it from Amazon, look for it at the KC gem show. It should be $5 or less.)


Our member Dan Snow has a new web page for his artwork. Please take a look!

Goodden Jewelers A great jewelry shop in Kansas City, MO. The owners are fans of minerals and they do custom work too.
Bob’s Rock Shop Information and news. Despite the name of the site, the specimens are not actually for sale.
Penguinology Mostly about penguins but also about the geology of Antarctica.
Ruby & Sapphire Richard W. Hughes is passionate about gemstones and Asia, and has written a book about them.
Rock & Gem Magazine A magazine about rocks and gems.
Rock Tumbler Learn about rock tumbling and get everything you need to start polishing your own stones.

*Expensive defined by me as specimens priced over $1,000