How to Join

If you would like to join, come to our next meeting. Visitors are ALWAYS welcome at meetings, and so are children. Meetings are at 11:00 am (meeting times subject to change-see webpage for updates) on the third Saturday every month at the Kansas City Public Library-Waldo Branch (except in December). The date and place of our December meeting/Christmas party will be announced prior to the event.  The meetings usually last 60-90 minutes, depending on how talkative people feel that day. Feel free to bring a specimen to identify or discuss. When you join, dues are $15 per year for a family or $10 per year for an individual membership.

Benefits of Joining:

  • Monthly newsletter, The Crinoid Courier, via snail mail
  • Find out when and where the upcoming Rock, Gem, and Mineral Shows will be
  • Learn where to find rocks in Kansas City (and many other cities in the US)
  • Get help identifying minerals you found or purchased
  • Picnics
  • Field trips
  • Annual Dinner
  • Meet people who love rocks, fossils, minerals, and crystals
  • Trade with your new friends
  • Warm fuzzy feelings from supporting a nonprofit organization
  • Get pictures of your rocks on the website
  • Click here to see rocks owned by members that have been featured on the website.
  • And much more!


  1. Hello,
    I’m new to geodes but am fascinated by their beauty! I became interested after seeing them at Union Station. Are newbies welcome at the meetings?


  2. I’m just curious, is there a specific age range? I don’t want to feel uncomfortable because I’m a lot older or younger than most people there. Not that I would really mind too much if that were the case!


    1. Yes we are still active. We usually meet the third Saturday each month at 11:00 am. The meeting site is currently at the Waldo Library. However, we have a Christmas get together in December and that will be on Saturday Dec. 14th. The next meeting will be at the Waldo Library. You may also see our facebook page under Show-Me Rockhounds, as I have not done an update on the website but intend to this week. Joining fee is still $5.00 per person.


  3. I have some Virgin Valley, Nevada Opal, a supply of Turquoise and my sphere collection that I would like to sell. I take care of my 2 elderly Uncles and cannot attend your meetings. I was wondering how to get the word out that I have these items available to sell?


    1. Hi Sharon, If you are planning on having a sale I can post about it on the website and Facebook page. We would need the date, time, place, and a contact number for you so that if anyone has questions I can direct them to you. In the past we publish the date and time and then request that people message us to get the location. This protects the seller’s privacy so that you don’t have your address on the internet. Most of our members have large collections already so we can’t guarantee that anyone will purchase anything but they will at least come and look. Hope this helps, email us at kcrockhounds at Gmail dot com if you have any more questions.


    1. Susan — Although we haven’t had formal meetings in several months, we’re always be glad to welcome a new member. Send me an email and I’ll tell you what’s going on currently and put you in touch with our treasurer.


    1. You may have already heard from one of our people, Barbara, but if not, I know several of them are planning to attend your upcoming OGMS swap & sale. Anyone from Show-Me Rockhounds who sets up a table or who attends as a customer — especially people with the names Dan, Connie, Anthony, Arielle, or Sharon — will be able to help you. (I’m going to be out of town and will have to miss it, which makes me cross.) Or you can email me,


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