Rocks and specimens from Montana

Sapphires in the Rough

16 small irregularly shaped translucent stones ranging from colorless to blue.

Frederick, one of our members who is into gem cutting, brought in these rough sapphires from Montana at our last meeting. Check out his website to see how beautiful they look when they are cut.

Dendritic Agate

Dendritic agate has inclusions that look like thin, two-dimensional tree-like growths.  They are usually black or dark brown, especially if they are found in Montana.  Often dendrites form, between flat “waterline” bands of agate.  Dendrites may also occur in limestone, talc, sandstone, beryl, corundum, and other minerals.  Dendritic and moss agates both look amazing as cabochons, because they look like little pressed flowers or landscape scenes.  The specimen pictured is from Del Norte, Colorado.
Source: The Gemrock, 7/2014

Fossilized Leaves for the First Day of Fall

Happy first day of fall!  Or happy first day of autumn, if you prefer.  To celebrate, here are some great fossil leaves from