Midwest Federation 2015 Youth Poster Contest

The deadline has passed to enter this poster contest sponsored by Summit Lapidary Club, but here are the rules for posterity.

Theme: The official state gem, mineral, rock, or fossil of the state you live in. Eligibility: Any student in 1st-8th grade. Prizes: Each grade will have a winner. Ribbons will be awarded for 1st-4th place. 1st-3rd place will also receive a prize. Contest Rules: All entries must be presented on 12”x18” paper. Include name, address, age, and school grade of participant on BACK of entry. No three-dimensional posters accepted. The title may be on the front or back. List your state and why you chose the gem, mineral, rock, or fossil. All entries become the property of the MWF and Summit Lapidary Club Scale of Points: Originality and Art Work: 30 points Design: 25 points Title: 25 points Listing of state gem, mineral, rock, or fossil and reason for your choice: 20 points Artwork: Artwork on posters can be pen, ink, crayons, magic marker, paint, or any other artist’s medium. Deadline: Entries must be postmarked by May 1, 2015 Send your entries to: [address removed because contest is over] Questions? Contact Poster Judge Jennifer Fike at [email address removed]. Hint: Missouri’s state rock is Mozarkite, state mineral is galena, and state fossil is the crinoid.

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