Association Picnic

The Association’s Summer Picnic will be Sunday, August 23 at Antioch Park, shelter #3. The rock swap begins at 8 am, lunch is at noon, and the scholarship auction is after lunch. This is a good chance to see people from every “facet” of mineralogy, including rocks, minerals, fossils, crystals, paleontology, gem cutting, flint knapping, and more. The Association will provide the hamburgers, hot dogs, and soda, and they ask that everybody bring a side dish, salad, or a dessert to share. Also, bring something for the rock swap and cash so you can buy things at the auction. The auction raises money for scholarships for college students majoring in geology, paleontology, or other rock-related areas.

Here are photos from last year’s picnic.

If you use Google+ you can RSVP to the picnic here:

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