Rainbow Gem Suncatchers

cut gems window clings rainbows shiny

Gem Stickers on a window on an overcast day. Photo from Rainbowsymphonystore.com

Would you like to have rainbows in your home? These window clings look like clear plastic stickers in the shapes of cut gems, but they also contain diffraction gratings so that they will turn light from the Sun into shiny beautiful rainbows.

rainbows all over a kitchen

What your home will look like after installation of the rainbow gem window clings. Results may vary. Photo from Rainbowsymphonystore.com

If you are interested, buy them from the Rainbow Symphony store. I am not affiliated with Rainbow Symphony and I won’t make any money if you buy these. I saw these when I was purchasing ISO compliant eclipse glasses and thought of the club.


One comment

  1. Hi, I have the following gemstones: Amethyst (Light purple, carbochon grade mark purple, Rose de France, Banbeb) 2. Fluorite purple 3. Goshenite 4. Morgantown 5. Opaque Apetite 6. Sapphire 7. Scapolite 8. Peach Topaz 9. Tourmaline black & closed c-axis 10. Variscite 11. African Wavellite


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