Fall Gem and Mineral Show in KC

Two men holding rocks and standing in front of a table covered in boxes of colorful crystals. Behind them is a sign that reads,

Photo by Stephanie Reed

We had a great time selling rocks at the 36th Annual Shows of Integrity Fall Gem & Mineral Show in Kansas City!  If you missed it, mark your calendar now for the spring show on March 13-15, 2015 (same location, the KCI Expo Center).  It will be even bigger!

A smiling young woman sitting behind a large wooden spinner with eight sections. She is wearing an ammonite necklace and a shirt proclaiming that the Kansas City Gem and Mineral Show

Photo by D. Reed

When you spin our wheel, every spin is guaranteed to win a prize. This year, the prizes included turquoise, shark teeth, and Apache tears.

A group of 5 rock collectors who just finished packing up the show materials and cleaning up after the event ended.

Photo by Stephanie Reed

Some of the rockhounds who helped set up and run the booth.

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