CONDOR AGATE from Argentina

Colorful Condor Agate from Argentina

photo by Dan Snow



  1. My wife Faye and I we were once members of the Independence Gem and Mineral Society, but we knew members of this club. My wife and I were from Lee’s Summit, Mo. and I almost lived there for years.
    Anyway we knew Dan Snow, and his amazing Agates that he shared. I am trying to get him to reach out to me. I am trying to find a way to purchase some Mozarkite from him.

    To Dan Snow, Christopher Cooper he will remember me, I am the Archaeologist and we talked years ago at the Artifacts show in Clinton, Mo.

    My wife Faye Cooper and I, Chris Cooper we moved to NW corner of Arizona and nearby Kingman, Mohave County. We live by the Black Mountains Range and Colorado River. We live in an area that is rich in Fire Agates, Lots of Agates and Jasper, lots of Turquoise sources too.

    Thanks for Your Time and Take Care,
    Sincerely Christopher N. Cooper


  2. To
    Dan Snow,
    By the way, Beautiful Agates and especially the Argentina Agate.

    Sincerely, Chris Cooper


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