Posts about things you can make out of rocks or things you can make that look like rocks.

Mineral Nail Polish

There are a lot of ways to express your love for rocks, whether you have a display case in your home, a collection of geology maps and field guides, you go to gem and mineral shows, or even bake a rock cake.  Ashley has a passion for nail polish and had a rock collection as a child, so she combined the two by painting her nails to look like this specimen of quartz and green shale. I love the way she used multiple shades of green and white to perfectly recreate the color of the shale and make the “quartz” part of her fingernails look translucent. Go to her blog post to find out the specific kinds of nail polish she used.

What time is it? Time to get a rock clock!

A round clock with green turquoise chips floating in resin on a black background. It has ornate gold hands and numbers that complement the gold flecks in the turquoise.

Photo by Stephanie Reed

This clock was made with turquoise chips in resin and a craft store clock kit.  It belongs to Show-Me Rockhounds member David Reed.

Don’t forget to set your clocks forward 1 hour tonight for Daylight Savings Time!

Happy January Birthdays!

A chocolate cake with green icing and multicolored rocks spelling

Cake and photo by Stephanie Reed

We had several Show-Me Rockhound members with birthdays in January, and I got thinking about what kind of cake a rockhound would like. I’ve seen some amazing geology-themed cakes but I’m not skilled enough at cake decorating to come close to those. Then I saw these chocolate rocks at Price Chopper and I knew exactly what to do. This is the result. Happy birthday, David, Charley, and Sharon!