You may remember our earlier post about uvarovite, the green garnet.  Spessartine is another garnet group mineral.  Notice how similar the crystals look, except for spessartine being reddish orange (and a bit of yellow in there, too) and uvarovite being green.  It is named after where it was first found: the German city Spessart, in the state of Bavaria.  The specimen pictured was found in the Broken Hill district in New South Wales, Australia.  It can also be found in Madagascar, China, Myanmar, India, Afghanistan, Israel, and parts of the United States such as Maine and Colorado.  Look for it in granite pegmatite and also sometimes in metamorphic phyllites.

If you liked these posts, you may wish to research the other garnet group minerals: almandine (purplish-red to orangish-red), andradite (can be black, green, or yellow-green), grossularite (brown to yellow), pyrope (very dark red to black), and tsavorite (light to dark green).


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