FLUORESCENT MINERALS in the collection of Dan Snow


A cut and polished septarian nodule.  First photographed under white light, then short wave ultraviolet light.  It will be in the fluorescent mineral display at the 59th Gem & Mineral Show at the KCI Expo Center March 13th, 14th and 15th, 2020.


Photographed by Dan Snow




Fluorescent Minerals


The 58th Annual Gem & Mineral Show presented a Special Exhibit of Fluorescent Minerals by Dan & Connie Snow, members of the Show-Me Rockhounds of Kansas City sponsored by the Association of Earth Science Clubs of Kansas City.  Here is the flyer for the show and photographs of the exhibit.

Fluorescent minerals photographed under short wave ultra-violet light and the description of minerals and collections.

Flyer designed and photographed by Dan Snow of the Show-Me Rockhounds.

Fluorescent display under white light.

Fluorescent display under white light. All photographs by Dan Snow unless noted.

fluorescent display with Dan

Fluorescent display with Dan.  Photo by Connie Snow

fluorescent display with Connie

Display with Connie

fluorescent minerals 8

Fluorescent display

fluorescent minerals 9fluorescent minerals 10

fluorescent minerals (2)

Fluorescent display under short wave UV light

fluorescent minerals 3fluorescent minerals 4

fluorescent minerals 5

Under long wave UV light

fluorescent minerals 6

Minerals under short wave UV light

fluorescent minerals 7

calcite (angel wing)

Calcite (Angel Wing)

calcite (phantom)

Calcite (Phantom)

calcite with hematite

Calcite with Hematite


Franklinite, calcite and willemite



franklinite, willemite and calcite
Franklinite, willemite and calcite